Meeting Minutes for Sept. 2016

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Valencia Elementary School
Home and School Club Meeting Minutes
September 2016
Meeting called to order on September 8, 2016 at 5:38PM

Board Members Present: 

John Simms, Lizzie Anderson, Lydia Habr, Joanna Dang, Ana Bevir and Deborah Matlow

General Attendance:
Caryn Lane, Michelle Beckstrom, Darcy Pruitt, Jessica Schattenburg, Amy Ayala, Erin Farrar, Beth Paiva, Katie
Stanton, Jane Kenyon, Julie Kenyon, Betsy Gaona and Robin Cabak.

Committee Reports:
Drive for Schools
● Envelopes prepared for Drive for Schools kick off.
● Kick off meeting for Drive for Schools will be attended by Caryn Lane and Darcy Pruitt on Sept. 14th
followed by a ENVELOPE STUFFING session at 7.45pm in the library. ALL welcome to help.
● Spreadsheets will be kept for tracking ticket sales and $ from kids.
● There will be assemblies during and at the end of the drive. Prizes needed: around $5 mark and Grand

Treasurer’s Report
● Documents posted online.
● Let over money from last years budget was moved into the general fund.
● Total fundraising from last academic year total $60, 102.
● Plan to produce reports with accounting software to track fundraising by event.
● All payments from H&SC need to requested with a cheque request form even if requesting payment with
HSC credit card.
● When selling using paypal please specify what the sale is connected with ie. rummage sale.
● Motion to increase the the principal’s fund from $500 to $1,500. Made by John Simms, seconded by Robin
Cabak, voted on and approved.
● Motion to support a TK assembly for $200. Made de by John Simms, seconded by Deborah Matlow, voted
on and approved.

Harvest Festival
● Coordinators will be Robin Cabak and Julie Kenyon.
● Event will be on Sept. 29th.
● Jumpy house needs to have more supervision by adults.
● Sign up Genius will be posted for all volunteer positions.

Principal’s Update
● Caryn Lane is very excited to be here and happy to have had a great start with a wonderful turn out at back
to school night.
● THere is a new Superintendent of Schools who is invested in use of data, being present on school
campuses and likes to coach leadership on school sites.
● Leadership will be digging into data from last year to identify areas for the school plan to focus on.
● General growth seen throughout the school last year but as always there are areas to improve on.
● All data can be seen on PVUSD website.
● Welcomed new teachers and veteran teachers with reassign roles.
● Working on finding the right culture fit for the staff body. Traditional model, shared model or more of a
● Student achievement incentives will be discussed by the staff including AR dance parties, best effort
breakfasts etc. The focus will be on ‘you value and matter’ more than ‘you are the best’.
● Election Day celebration a mock election voting on something more relevant to elementary school age
kids. Decorations Darcy Pruitt will investigate donations from the Elections.
● 21 days of Kindness is on the agenda for February.

● OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: Recording Secretary we
must have a recording secretary for bank/legal
reasons. We are looking for a volunteer committed to joining us for each of our meetings.
● Document Retention: All but the last 7 years worth of documents need to be shredded. We will divi up the
the shredding between us and files to be kept will be stored on campus
● Spiritwear: Sold about 40 items. 65 items gifted to staff. Moving to order form to be able to show all
merchandise without having to stock them in school, hats,etc. Staff will be able to order at cost on a
separate order.
The day of the HSC meetings has changed to the 3rd Tuesday of each month except for May.
The next meeting will be 10/18 at 5:30pm, Library
Following meetings : Tues, 11/15, Tues. 12/20, Tues. 1/17, Tues. 2/21, Tues. 3/21, Tues. 4/18, Tues. 5/23.
Meeting adjourned at 6.56pm

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