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The Drive for Schools Fundraiser has begun!

The Drive for Schools begins this week and runs through October 16th. This month long event is Valencia’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Each ticket we sell is a chance to win great prizes like a Toyota Prius or Subaru Outback or $25,000 in cash and other prizes.

Every student receives two books of six tickets to start the drive. Tickets sell for $5 each or six tickets for $25. Students can request more tickets by filling out a slip and returning it to their classroom’s Drive for Schools envelope. If we sell all of our tickets we will reach our goal of $25,000.

The best thing about this fundraiser is we get to keep every single dollar our student’s raise through ticket sales. These dollars support educational programs at Valencia and our students gain valuable communication and community outreach skills through their marketing efforts.

Day 1: (September 15)
• DRIVE FOR SCHOOLS ticket envelopes go home with students.
• Students should write their first and last name on their envelope.

Daily (September 16 –October 14) 
• Students sell tickets, collect money and keep the completed ticket stubs (the small end).
• Completed envelopes (with money and ticket stubs) are collected in class each morning.
• Teachers turn in completed envelopes to the office with morning attendance.
• You can request more tickets on your envelope or pick them up at the school office.

Last Day: (October 14) 
• Students must turn in money and completed ticket stubs by 2:00 pm on October 14th.

Important Notes:  
• The sooner students turn in their tickets the better chance they have to win the weekly drawing.
• There are grand prizes for top “individual” and “class” ticket sellers.
• There are “full participation” classroom parties and teacher incentives to win.
• There will be a Valencia Celebration Day once we hit our $25,000 goal.

Don’t forget to sell tickets to your out of town friends and relatives who’d like a chance to win a brand new car or $25,000 in cash and other great prizes.

Valencia has been one of the top selling schools for the past five years. We’d like to keep that tradition going. If you have questions (or suggestions) about how you can help with Valencia’s Drive for Schools please email at or text at (831) 419.8089 Darcy Pruitt.


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