Meeting Minutes for Oct. 2016

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Valencia Elementary Home and School Club Membership Meeting

Agenda for October 18, 2016

Welcome –– John Simms

Call to order and approval of minutes — John Simms

Presentation from Nurse — Carla Bentley

School participation in Kina FLUency program

  • Carla is requesting that HSC help distribute information on website and HSC newsletter
  • Valencia one of 500 schools to receive free digital thermometers.  
  • Fliers went home this week in folders – families enroll online, download App
  • Valencia Community can communicate illness / symptoms online with each other

Treasurer Report –– Lizzy Anderson

  • Presented October monthly financial report
  • Teacher classrooms supplemental checks were $330 over budget.  Need to vote to approve
  • Lizzy created a detailed report describing payments out and deposits in
  • Would like to create a report for parents to be able to see how fundraising money is spent
  • Question:  are there funds available for purchasing a ched to store HSC items?

Drive for Schools –– Darcy Pruitt

  • We raised $24,877
  • Honor the Top 15 ticket sellers with prizes
  • Honor students who signed up to sell on site at Safeway with families
  • If Valencia is the top  elementary seller, Caryn Lane will have a school wide celebration
  • Brainstormed classroom incentives to promote 100% participation

Harvest Festival –– Julie Kenyon

  • Short on volunteers.  Some classes have no one signed up.
  • Lizzy Anderson may create sheets with slots filled / empty to send out to each class.
  • John Simms recommended having Volunteer blurb be tio item on HCN letter this week
  • Question:  when will punchcards be sold in car pickup line?
  • Need to secure snowcone machine
  • Submitting request for deposit to secure a photo booth tomorrow
  • Caryn Lane will have a meeting to establish protocol for the day with regard to deposits
  • Coordinators will help maintain communication with ticket booth to facilitate deposits

Open board positions –– John Simms

Still no recording secretary? Anybody willing to step up? I’m honestly not sure how we can continue without the position filled. This is one of the few positions specified in the by-laws.

  • Aaron Kirker (parent of Liana, 5th grader)  accepted nomination for Secretary

Funding Requests — John Simms

  1. A request from Ms. Leonard to support her attendance at a conference.
    • Motion made to reimburse airfare cost of $405
    • Motion approved
  2. Replacement of Auction parking space signs and posts. Approximately $150 to buy new auction parking signs, customized name sign, mounting bolts, post and cement.
    • Motion made to cover the cost
    • Motion approved
  3. Caryn Lane requesting HSC help fund $6,000 for Lexia license purchase.  Lexia us an adjustable reading program to be used K-2, and for 3-6 students in need of support.
    • John Simms proposes a meeting with Caryn Lane to discuss details of how HSC can support technology and reading
  4. Erin Farrar and Deborah Matlow will be submitting a proposal

Principal Report –– Caryn Lane

  • School Culture Goal and ELD/ELA  Goals added to the School Plan
  • Success toward goal will be measured by assessments as listed in the school plan
  • Additional goals of decreasing the gap between the Hispanic and White subgroups
  • Developing an anti-bullying plan modeled on Mar Vista
  • Developed a GATE plan to include enrichment support
  • School-wide Presidential election on November 8

Document Retention –– John Simms

Please take a few documents to shred.

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