Meeting Minutes for Dec. 2016

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Valencia Elementary Home and School Club Membership Meeting

Agenda for December 20, 2016


Welcome –– John Simms (1 min)

  • Opened Meeting:  Kim DeSerpa is due to come tonight


Call to order and approval of minutes — John Simms (2 min)

  • John Simms made motion to approve minutes
  • Caryn Lane seconded motion
  • Minutes Approved


Guest Speaker –– Kim De Serpa – Board of Trustees

  • Introductions:  2nd term, Board President
  • Shares Valencia with Jeff Ursino, Board VP
  • Board selected new Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez
  • Goals of PVUSD Board of Trustees:
    • Balanced budget
    • Build strong staff through total compensation packages (salary + benefits)
    • LCAP funds:  counselors, VAPA,  class size reduction, sports stipends for middle and high schools, Measure L upgrades, Solar power kickbacks will be refurbishing the science labs in the district (including Valencia)
  • Erin Farrar:  Does Board have say in curriculum?
    • KDS:  Board approves the presented curriculum
    • KDS:  Michelle Rodriguez plans to change the delivery of curriculum
  • Board is going to hire a grant writer to support the district needs


Treasurer Report –– Lizzy Anderson (5 min)

  • Influx of field trip money
  • No large purchases have happened
  • Chairs and racks were ordered
  • Book Fair money was distributed to Mrs. G
  • 2016 Taxes are completed
  • John Simms ordered additional 2016 Tax  forms that need to be completed by February 2017
  • John Simms and Lizzy Anderson will coordinate completion of tax forms
  • Pay Pal account has money on it.  John Simms will handle the money

Principal Report –– Caryn Lane (5 min)

  • Pancake breakfast is set for Thursday morning
  • Parents are signed up to make pancakes and serve classes who will are scheduled to come in 30 minute shifts
  • Comprehensive School Plan will receive additions for specific areas
  • Caryn is waiting for Board approval on submitted plan so we can post on the school website
  • Kindness, Compassion, and Best Effort will be school wide values addressed in the new year
  • 6th graders
  • Next Spirit Day will be early February:  Souper Bowl food drive


Support the pancake breakfast — John Simms (5 min)

  • John Simms made a motion to fund approximately $600


Chromebook Update — John Simms (5 min)

PVUSD requires us to use their vendor. We approved $26,000 to purchase two Chromebook carts through PVUSD on November 15.

  • Richard Arellano from the District office informed us that PVUSD will only allow Chromebooks to be purchased through the district vendor.
  • Home and School Club already approved $26k to purchase a cart.  HSC will now move forward with the purchase.


Other Items

  • Joanna Dang presented an informal request for Karen Richmond to purchase wireless microphones for students
  • John Simms directed a team to coordinate a proposal of quantity and price to present to Home and School Club
  • HSC can create a “Room Parent” description and promote recruiting after the new year
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