Meeting Minutes for Apr. 2017

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Valencia Elementary Home and School Club Membership Meeting

Agenda for April 18, 2017.

Aptos Junior High School, Room 1


Welcome –– John Simms (1 min)


Call to order and approval of minutes — John Simms (1 min)

  • John Simms made motion to approve March minutes.  Caryn Lane seconded.  Meeting voted for approval.


Treasurer Report –– Lizzy Anderson / John Simms (10 min)

  • Lizzy absent tonight.  She emailed budget doc to board members prior to meeting.
  • John led a review of the budget document
  • Final fundraising total from Spring Auction is $11,066.17
  • No issues with the current budget
  • Lizzy and John are working on a tentative 2017-18 budget  for viewing in the May HSC meeting.


Election –– John Simms (15 min)

Nominating and electing candidates for the following board positions for 2017-18 school year:


Attends meetings, coordinates the work of the directors, promotes mission of the corporation, approves checks.


  • Caryn Lane nominated John Simms – John accepted nomination
  • All attending meeting members voted in favor



Vice-President – VACANT

Attends meetings, helps president, fills in for president, reviews bank statements.


Attends meetings, pays bills, maintains financial records, presents financial report at each meeting. Presents budget at September meeting for final approval.


  • John Simms nominated Lizzy Andersen – Lizzy accepted nomination


  • All attending meeting members voted in favor


Recording Secretary

Attends meetings, keeps an accurate record of the proceedings, prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings.


  • John Simms nominated Deborah Matlow – Deborah accepted nomination
  • All attending meeting members voted in favor



Nominations to fill the following non-board positions



  • John Simms nominated Joanna Dang – Joanna accepted nomination
  • All attending meeting members voted in favor



Receipts Clerk


  • John Simms nominated Erin Farrar – Farrar accepted nomination
  • All attending meeting members voted in favor



Fund Raising


  • John Simms nominated Lydia Habr – Lydia accepted nomination


  • All attending meeting members voted in favor


2017 Harvest Festival Plans — Julie Kenyon (15 minutes)

  • Julie and Jane Kenyon have researched Mar Vista’s model, who have made substantially more money than Valencia in the past
  • They have chosen October 28 for next year and wish to have a more focused theme – Harry Potter (focus on reading) is main idea now.
  • A comprehensive plan was presented to attendees.  They see this as a year round planning effort.
  • Biggest suggested revisions are:
    • Grade levels in charge of specific games (parent leads could assist)
    • Food trucks to offer a variety of choices and money raising opportunities
    • Plan to sell  tickets, make cash donations, and item donations online
  • John Simms will review insurance documentation to make sure all ideas presented are covered for liability purposes.
  • They will present a general budget value for any pre-cost coverage at the May meeting


Spring Fundraiser — John Simms (5 minutes)

  • Club Nico boutique in Aptos would like to have a fundraiser to benefit Valencia
  • Letter and tickets planning to be sent home on Monday.  Tickets are NOT a product of Valencia and the entire event is affiliated to Club Nico.  They are generously donating


Teacher luncheon — John Simms (5 minutes)

  • They presented an idea of having an off-site gathering for staff members on a Wednesday, May 3rd.
  • Caryn Lane will email staff for feedback
  • Lydia Habr


Principal’s Update — Caryn Lane (10 minutes)

  • Thanked the Simms’ family for the weekly staff homemade treats
  • Liz Wise (3rd) and Teresa Wagenhoffer (4th) received their Chromebook carts
  • Zach Friend sent a road update to Caryn Lane on 4/18, she forwarded the letter to the staff, parent community and school website in both English and Spanish
  • Superintendent Aguierra informed her that the district is exploring moving the school community back to Valencia in May, or when the weather permits the roads to stabilize
  • Caryn would like to set aside May 31st as a Valencia community gathering event in lieu of Open House


Next Month / Upcoming Agenda Items:

  • Tentative budget for 2017-2018 school year. Revise the by-laws to reflect the support we have.
  • How do we recruit more parents to attend HSC meetings?  
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