Meeting Minutes for Sept. 2017

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Valencia Elementary Home and School Club Membership Meeting

Agenda for September 12, 2017.


Welcome and Introductions –– John Simms (1 min)


Call to order and approval of minutesJohn Simms (1 min)

  • John Simms made motion to approve May HSC minutes.  Deborah Matlow seconded the motion.  No opposing votes.  Motion passed.


Treasurer Report –– Lizzy Anderson (10 min)

  • Lizzy revised the budget design to support common accounts in order to facilitate organization and fundraising.
  • Need to discuss and approve budgets


Approve budget for 2017/2018 –– Lizzy Anderson / John Simms (10 min)

  • By-Laws state that final approval happens in September.
  • Grade level parents/point people interested in organizing a grade level fundraiser should contact John Simms directly so he can oversee the general schedule.
  • John Simms made a motion to add $2,000 to the Art account in order to provide more art enrichment to students.  Erin Farrar seconded the motion.  No opposing votes.  Motion passed.
  • John Simms made a motion to approve the 2017-18 budget as presented by Lizzy Anderson.    ?????  seconded the motion.  No opposing votes.  Motion passed.


Approve changes to By-Laws –– John Simms (10 min)

    • Positions updated to reflect current volunteers
      • Section 11 (a) to be revised:


  • If there are no new members to serve as a director, a director may hold their office or more than two consecutive terms.


    • Article 3, Section 11 (g):


  • To be removed.


  • John Simms made a motion to approve the by law amendments presented and discussed at the May 2017 HSC meeting.  Katie Stanton seconded the motion.  No opposing votes.  Motion passed.


Upcoming Events John Simms / Darci Pruitt / Jane Kenyon (10 minutes)

  • What actions does the board need to take to support Drive for Schools?
    • Darcy Pruitt presented Drive for Schools materials to provide the classrooms.     HSC meeting attendees folded materials and stuffed envelopes.
  • What action does the board need to take to support the Harvest Festival?
    • Julie Kenyon has worked over the summer to organize and implement a new format of festival to be held on October 28.  The idea is to have a literary tie in with this year being Harry Potter.  She is trying to create more of a community engagement, inviting local businesses, law enforcement and fire stations to join.
  • Do we want to participate in a Holiday Event to benefit Toys 4 Tots and schools?
    • John Simms was contacted by the organizer of the Aptos Movie Night expressing interest in having Valencia participate with a booth as a class fundraiser.    
      • Can we have input music / entertainment content to make sure it is age appropriate?
      • Is Valencia only allowed to have 1 booth at the event?
      • What are our limitations on services or food items to sell?
      • We will reserve a booth with the idea that 6th grade can have priority on the booth in order to fundraise the remaining amounts.
  • It is sponsored by Nations Lending. If yes, who will be in charge of organizing our



Spirit WearJohn Simms (5 min)

  • We do not have a chairperson for spirit wear. What do want to do?
    • Katie Stanton will no longer be the contact.  
    • Caryn Lane presented the idea of having a class take on the spirit wear order as an annual fundraiser.   
    • We spent $9k+ on the last order, but have only brought in $3k.  We cill consider having a flash sale for remaining inventory.
    • Lizzy Anderson presented that in her opinion, spirit wear is not ideal for a fundraiser due to odd order numbers


Other Non Agenda Items

  • Zun Zun is scheduled to perform in April via a Soquel Water District grant.
  • Ana Bevir will be coordinating art enrichment for K, 4-6.  Classes 1-3 will not be rolled out in the plan because they already receive VAPA instruction as provided by the school district.


Principal’s Report –– Caryn Lane (10 min)

  • Glad to be back at Valencia.
  • Main challenge being back is parking and traffic safety before and after school.
  • Data collected from the state and district assessments shows a need for additional math intervention for a portion fifth grade students.   An intervention teacher is supporting that group in order to bring them up to grade level standards.
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