Meeting Minutes for Nov. 2017

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Valencia Elementary Home and School Club Membership Meeting

Minutes for November 7, 2017.


Welcome and Introductions –– John Simms (1 min)


Call to order and approval of minutes — John Simms (1 min)

Minutes approved

Treasurer Report –– Lizzy Anderson (10 min)

  • October was a big fundraising month.  Drive for Schools made $28k+.
  • District has still not requested the money for the RTI salary.  Due to contract negotiations for the positions, the district hasn’t been able to confirm an amount yet
  • Lizzy received an invoice from West Valley Trailways via PVUSD  for a $5000 deposit for the 4th grade trip to Sacramento.


October events wrap up and thank you — John Simms (5 minutes)

Thanks to Darci Pruitt and her team for organizing the successful Drive for Schools fundraiser.

  • Darcy has a list of ideas to culminate the event with the designated celebration.
  • Valencia was the top selling elementary school

Thanks to Julie Kenyon and her team for organizing the Harvest Festival.

  • Granite Rock, Deluxe Foods ($1,000!) and the Sherriff’s Association donated money to the Harvest Festival.
  • 3 x 5 shed full of Harvest Festival items at an external location shed that needs to be relocated to Valencia


Arts — Ana Bevir / Caryn Lane / John Simms (5 min)

Purchasing curriculum for other artists. $325 for one artist. $2,100 for seven. A savings of $175 if purchased separately.

  • Discussion about costs – it was decided that we will purchase the artists we will use this year.  


Auction winner parking spot — John Simms (10 min)

We have been offered $500 by another family for the space the Henry family abandoned. Do we accept? If not, what, specifically, would we like to do with the spot?

  • John made a motion to accept the $500 for the parking space for use through June 2017.  Motion passed.  John will contact the family and move forward in purchasing a new sign.


Funtila Fundraising — John Simms / Caryn Lane (5 min)

What, if any, support do we want to provide the Funtila family?

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to officially support the cause due to the potential expectations in the future.    Individual members have expressed personal interest in helping Ms. Leonard develop ideas to support the family.


Assemblies — Caryn Lane (5 min)

Do we want to support half the Power of One assembly? The assembly is $850, we would pay $425.

  • Message is every child has the ability to stand up to bullying
  • This supports a school culture goal on the school plan
  • John made a motion to pay for half of the assembly using remaining fund in need balance.  Motion passed.


Principal’s Report –– Caryn Lane (10 min)

  • Caryn thanked HSC for her new Principal Parking Spot
  • Valencia was the top selling elementary school for Drive for Schools
  • Book Fair and parent conferences are next week
  • Site Council is currently working through the school plan and Caryn will be updating
  • The district is reimbursing our site for $6,000 used on LExia licenses last year
  • ELAC has had good success with on site meetings at San Andreas and Parkhurst
  • Suggestion for the agenda:  PJ and Pancakes on December 21st for Drive for Schools celebration


Upcoming Class Fundraisers –– These events have crossed my email and I want everyone to be in the loop. Address any questions to John.

Grade Date Organizer Event
3 12/9/2017 Katie Stanton Holiday boutique at Valencia
5 4/19/2017 Open house dinner
1 5/4/2018 Katie Stanton Art show and star wars music at Sand Bar in Capitola. 1st grade.


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