Meeting Minutes for Feb. 2018

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Valencia Elementary Home and School Club Membership Meeting

Agenda for February 13, 2017.


Welcome and Introductions –– John Simms (1 min)


Call to order and approval of minutes — John Simms (1 min)

  • Deborah Matlow made a motion to approve the December 2017 meeting minutes.  John Simms seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer Report –– Lizzy Anderson (10 min)

  • Low account activity recently.  
  • Paid out only 2 checks:  To John T. (accountant) and Mrs. G (library)
  • Some 4th grade money coming in for Sacramento trip


Auction — Lydia Habr (20 min)

What action does the board need to take in preparation for our auction?

  • Venue:  Seascape Golf Club.  Deposits have been made
  • Childcare will be available and full meals can be provided
  • Corkage fee is $2.50 per person.  Lydia is hoping to acquire donations and / or sponsors to coverage the corkage fee.
  • Lydia is still working with classroom teachers to organize baskets.
  • There is a website live with a link to purchase tickets.  It will be added to the Valencia school website.
  • We need to sell at least 120 tickets to break even.  Tickets are $50 per ticket or $90 per couple.
  • On Tuesday 2/20, an Auction-only email will go out to the HSC email list
  • On Monday 2/26, Caryn Lane will send a school messenger notice will go out
  • 2 weeks out from the auction, a call for wine donations


Principal’s Report –– Caryn Lane (10 min)

  • Assessments are in full swing: GATE, LPAC (2nd language), 6th Grade math performance task, 3-5 Writing performance task upcoming in March
  • Road update:  was supposed to be completed today, now updated to “near future”
  • Power of One Assembly:   positive feedback was received
  • Meet the Masters:   new artist: John Lawrence.   Parent training will be tomorrow.
  • Leadership:  6th graders are passionate about kindness and charity, but there has been an overflow of events.  Next year it will be streamlined to one kindness event per trimester.
  • The school Speech Therapist was out on medical leave for several weeks and submitted her resignation last week.  The district is working with Caryn to find a replacement.


Upcoming Class Fundraisers –– These events have crossed my email and I want everyone to be in the loop. Address any questions to John.

Grade Date Organizer Event
5 4/19/2017 Open house dinner
1 5/4/2018 Katie Stanton Art show and star wars music at Sand Bar in Capitola. 1st grade.


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