Grade Level Fundraisers

Each class at Valencia is encouraged to raise money towards their eventual 6th grade expenses (Outdoor Science School, Dance, Promotion Ceremony). The money is used mainly to provide scholarships to families who cannot afford full tuition. Until recently, grades were “assigned” by HSC to sponsor school dinners as fundraisers. Traditionally, the 5th grade had the Back To School dinner, the 4th grade the Harvest Festival dinner and the 3rd grade the Open House dinner. The dinners became increasingly difficult to run due to lack of volunteer interest, and in 2010/2011, HSC stopped mandating grade sponsored events, and instead planned to invite the grades to choose the types of fundraisers they wanted to do.

Did you know the Home and School Club holds savings accounts for each grade level (K-6) going through Valencia? Each incoming kinder class is gifted $500 by the Home and School Club at the start of their time at Valencia. As the class goes through their Valencia years they have opportunities to fund raise to add to their class account which is eventually used to help offset costs incurred in 6th grade. These 6th grade costs include: tuition for a 1-week stay at Outdoor Science School (tuition for OSS as established by the County Dept of Education was $260/student), the year-end dance, promotion ceremony and, typically, a class memorial gift back to the school. By the time students get to 6th grade, class accounts have typically grown to an average of $5,000 due to fundraising efforts. The more money in the class account that can be applied to offset these costs, the lower the out of pocket cost to parents will be.

In the past, the H&SC Board has offered sponsorship of school dinners to grades 3-5 to serve as fundraisers towards their eventual 6th grade costs. This year, rather than mandate that grades sponsor a dinner, we would rather hear ideas from YOU about what YOU would like to do. Further, we hope that ALL grades will show interest in sponsoring a fundraising community event. The choice is yours about whether you want to grow your class fund and reduce your out of pocket costs. The organization and execution of your fundraiser is up to your grade level and not a general H&SC effort, though the H&SC Board will provide guidance and you may invite the whole school to participate in your fundraiser. You might continue to sponsor a school dinner or perhaps you will come up with a fresh new idea. It is in your best interest to focus on high return/low expense activities. Your proposals will be reviewed by the H&SC Board to make sure they are consistent with our Going Green and Waste Free goals and that they can be scheduled among other events so that we are not unnecessarily overburdening families at any given time during the school year.

Some ideas are listed below for your consideration. Please speak with your Classroom Room Parent who will coordinate with fellow grade level Room Parents to come up with the perfect event for your grade!

Ideas for Raising Money for Your Class

  • School-wide Dinners
  • Car washes
  • Valencia community cookbook
  • Movie Nights
  • Raffle Event
  • Rummage Sale
  • Straight cash donation program within the grade (a grade of 70 children can potentially make $1750 with parents donating $25 on behalf of each child…a quick and easy way to pay down the 6th grade costs over time!)

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